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Illustrated Website with Fun Navigation

James Garner is my second favourite website that I’ve discovered recently.  I think this site is genius. The designer makes me feel like I’m in a story book, and he uses some subtle animation just like my first favourite site. There’s very little text on this site, which is fine since James is an illustrator and designer.

Scroll down and check out Bob. You’ll find some amazing sea creatures if you scroll toward the bottom. Watch out for tentacles.


Whimsical Website Design

Here’s a favourite website I found that uses a full screen layout. The site is for web designer Denise Chandler who has a flare for whimsy and a talent for details. Many design elements work together to give the site its charm.Denise Chandler

Launch the site and take a closer look at the midway graphic in the foreground. What do you see? The ferris wheel is turning, and at frequent intervals, the roller coaster ride starts. The animation is subtle, but it gives the site an extra detail that adds to its appeal.

Notice how effective the block of words in white is as the navigation feature. The fun fonts add to the whimsical style. Try moving your mouse over each word to see what happens. Did you notice how the fill in the letters changes? And the fill is different for each word. Clever. My favourite is how the letters change in the word Portfolio.

To create the background image, it seems the designer started with a solid turquoise rectangle. She added a silhouette in grey to give it depth and overlay the silhouette with the black midway scene. Using black for the midway makes it appear closer so that it’s in the foreground.

The About Me block of text and social media links on the black background perfectly balance the navigation block of words. The final touch of whimsy on the page comes from the choice of icons and the curved arrow.

Check out Denise’s portfolio to see more fun website designs. They are all different and yet she has a recognizable style.